Do It Yourself Websites - Are They Really Cost Efficient?

When it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) websites users simply fail to realize the real hidden cost they have to incur in the long term. Most DIY websites are just a few pages (generally 4-5) that can fail to engage website visitors and increase the user bounce rate.

Consumers Begin To Spend More Time On their Smartphones and Tablets Than Watching T.V

In 2013, Apple sold 221.3 million iOS devices with 150.2 million iPhones and 71.1 million iPads. With over 170 million iPads sold worldwide till date consumers now spend more time than ever on these devices. According to a recent study, adults will spend more than five hours each day on "nonvoice mobile activities,"

Android Phones Dominate The Australian Market as Android App Development On The Rise in 2014

Nearly two-thirds of the Australian population now owns a smartphone. According to research by Google, the Aussie ownership rate is higher than most other developed nations including the US, UK, Germany and France. In 2013, well over half of the Australian population owned a smartphone. Research further confirms:

Go Mobile or Go Bust!

In this day and age mobile websites are of paramount importance for every business. Being online just doesn't cut it any more as more and more customers abandon the traditional personal computer for modern day smartphones and tablets. Almost 9 million search the web every month while 86 per cent searched for a local business,

Australia's Small Business Increase their Online Footprint as eCommerce Booms

Australian e-commerce sales increased from $27 billion in 2010, to more than $37 billion in 2013. Online sales have been continuously demonstrating an increase of $3-4 billion every year. This shows tremendous growth for online business and great opportunities for the future. Despite of these positive numbers,

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