Go Mobile or Go Bust!

In this day and age mobile websites are of paramount importance for every business. Being online just doesn't cut it any more as more and more customers abandon the traditional personal computer for modern day smartphones and tablets. Almost 9 million search the web every month while 86 per cent searched for a local business, out of which 50 per cent made a purchase. According to the Australia Mobile Telecommunications Association by 2015, 95% of Australian Adults will own a smartphones.
We would like to believe this fact would be common knowledge in the business community by now but the truth is far from it. According to a new report 91 per cent of small business’ website are not accessible via mobile.The same report also confirmed that two thirds of small business enterprises were able to update their site, only half used social media to promote their business and only 18 per cent of SME sites were search engine optimized.
Over 50 per cent of new traffic now comes via mobile which makes it very important for businesses to have mobile websites. Especially after considering that 4 out of 5 users abandon a website on their Smartphone if it takes longer than 5 seconds to download or if it is difficult to navigate by ‘pinch/squeeze’ function. According to the latest Australian statistics:

  • Smartphone penetration in Australia is 2nd highest per capita in the world after Singapore.
  • 68% Aussies cant live without the Smartphones
  • 94 per cent regularly use their smartphones to research product and services
  • 65 per cent Aussies search internet daily using their smartphones

Smartphone website searches are growing 3 times faster than searches conducted on personal computers. In 2013, Smartphones outsold tablets by a ratio of 7:1, which is a great difference considering the rapid sales growth of tablets last year. This is a strong indication towards the forecast that by the end of 2014, smartphone website searches will overtake searches on desktop computers or laptops. According to the 'Australian Bureau of Statistics', as on 30 June 2013 there were 19.6 million subscribers with internet access connections via a mobile handset in Australia, an increase of 13 per cent from 17.4 million subscribers at the end of December 2012. Some of the reasons why local Australian businesses should think about having a mobile websites are:

  • 50 percent of smartphone researches directly led to a purchase
  • 86 per cent of smartphone users look for a local business which resulted in user either contacting the business via phone or personally visiting the local business
  • Majority of smartphone users prefer viewing a dynamic mobile website with full features rather than a mobile app.

Orange IT is a leading provider of state-of-the-art mobile websites and mobile/iPad apps for more than half a decade. With hundreds of successful projects and a vast portfolio, Orange IT is one of Australia's first choice mobile website development partner for several businesses, big, medium and small. The company has various packages to suit all needs from affordable websites and apps in Australia for small business to premium websites and tools for enterprises.
With Orange IT's SEO services businesses can now attract customers to them rather than the other way around. These unique SEO techniques make sure consumers find you online and that your business stays ahead of the competition. This will not only increase the web traffic to your site but also drive consumers from various search engines and land them at you doorsteps.Orange IT does not use any generic techniques such as the Do-it-Yourself methods or fixed templates which enables your business to have a unique online identity.

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