Do It Yourself Websites - Are They Really Cost Efficient?

When it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) websites users simply fail to realize the real hidden cost they have to incur in the long term. Most DIY websites are just a few pages (generally 4-5) that can fail to engage website visitors and increase the user bounce rate. When you hire a professional web development company you not only pay them for their service but you also pay them for saving you time. The time one spends in making a DIY webiste can be otherwise spent in doing your core business activities that are already generating regular income.
When you leave the job to a professional you not only benefit from their vast experience but also ensure the website has all the components to make your business a online success. Your website is a virtual representation of self and your business activities. Times have changed, people do not reach for the yellow pages or the telephone directory anymore when they need a product or a service. Instead, they log on to their computers and Google their requirements in order to find local service providers or businesses that can cater to their current need. If your website does not show up on first two pages of the search results then you have simply missed the bus.
Companies like Orange IT consulting Services based in Perth have a 100+ point project plan which includes optimization for web search also known as search engine optimization (SEO). This makes sure that business is listed among the top search results when a user is looking for product or service.
Navin Jain, Owner of Orange IT says "We have clients who get more than 60% of business from online leads. Its always better to have customers come to you instead of you reaching out for them". DIY websites do seem like a reasonable option at first with their low cost offerings and packages but customers usually fail to realize that they will just be using a template. Sure, they talk about customization but basically you are just using a template that may have already been used by thousand others. "Clients feel that being able to add a few pictures and a logo constitutes customization. Far from it, a personalized website consists more than just custom texts, color and logo. Clients who are concerned about building a brand name usually do not opt for DIY services" adds Navin.
Many times, using DIY approach to building a website is usually ignoring a very important aspect of your business. A business owner, invests a lot more than just time in their venture. Business owners use various professionals at different stages of setting up their business but undermine the importance of a website, which is the most important marketing tool in today's world. With professional web designers you pay a fraction more than the DIY web providers but that ensures your website is the best in class and that you have 24 hour assistance in case you need support. DIY companies promote their packages with round the clock customer support but in essence all they really do is tell 'you' what to do, which requires spending more time on the website on your part. On the other hand a professional web developer will be able to advise on a range of support services that you will need to achieve your website and business goals.
A professionally made website ensures you do not loose out on business in the long run and that your website is search optimized for incoming customer inquiries. In most cases in the DIY scenario, the only loser is the local business as DIY companies have already made their quick buck. The lure of saving a few hundred dollars with a DIY service can prove detrimental in the long term as a website may look amateurish and lack essential elements which can deter potential future sales.
Orange IT Consulting Services has been providing affordable website development in Perth for more than half a decade and has assisted several local businesses build world class eCommerce websites in Perth and the rest of Western Australia.

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