Android Phones Dominate The Australian Market as Android App Development On The Rise in 2014

Nearly two-thirds of the Australian population now owns a smartphone. According to research by Google, the Aussie ownership rate is higher than most other developed nations including the US, UK, Germany and France. In 2013, well over half of the Australian population owned a smartphone. Research further confirms:

  • Over 70% now regularly watch videos on their devices, with 19% doing so every day
  • 41% of Australian smartphone owners said they'd spent more time online with their device in the past six months
  • The average Australian user is now said to have 33+ apps installed and 49% use smartphones to access newspaper or magazine services
  • 29% said they'd rather give up television than their smartphone

By the end of 2013, iPhone sales in Australia have stabilized at around 35.2% while Android continues to increase with 57.2%. Google's operating system is now the most dominant in Australia even though Android were late to take off in the Australian market. Android is leading the world market with Samsung being the no. 1 smartphone company in many key countries.
Another research confirmed that already by 2012, Australians had downloaded one billion apps since they became available in 2008, including more than 700 million on iPhones, 64 million on iPads and more than 230 million on Android devices. Analysts say anywhere between 56 to 82 billion apps were downloaded globally in 2013. A lot of companies now have their own iPhone and android app to try and get some of the consumer attention on this platform.
Navin Jain, Owner at Orange IT, one of the leading android app development companies talks about the Australian App market "Few companies have already successfully build eCommerce apps which enable customers to buy products online. The buying experience through an app is very different than a traditional eCommerce websites as apps are designed specifically for mobiles and tablets. Apps provide consumers a great browsing experience by displaying only the content the consumer wants to see."
"Marketers and advertisers need to be where their target consumer base is and the recent research shows that people are going to spend more time on their electronic devices rather than watching T.V. For businesses, this means responsive websites and apps are not just a mere requirement but a necessity" adds Navin.
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